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Name:Tamara New, MD
Phone #:---
e-Mail Address:---
Comments:I am very proud of Sekqueen and Sonnie for their efforts in developing this foundation for the people of Sierra Leone. I am proud to be apart of this beautiful support network.

Name:Miranda Carlton-Carew
Phone #:480/777-7486
e-Mail Address:maccma@yahoo.com
Comments:An admirable and impressive endeavor. The families and children with sickle cell disease are the beneficiary of this wonderful and admirable foundation. Wishing you much success.

Name:Miranda Carlton-Carew
Phone #:480/777-7486
e-Mail Address:maccma@yahoo.com
Comments:I am so proud of you Sekqueen for setting and achieving such an admirable and impressive goal in launching this valuable health related foundation. It is much needed in Sierra Leone. The families and children with sickle cell disease are the beneficiary of your selfless act. Bravo! Go Girl!

Name:Cassandra Smith
Phone #:(770)761-5740
e-Mail Address:murraysmith07@comcast.net
Comments:Sekqueen I wish you much success with this endeavor. Thanks to Sonnie for sharing his story. Soon everyone in the world will be contributing to the success of this project. Be Blessed!!

Name:Parnel Abraham
Phone #:---
e-Mail Address:parnel@sicklecellsupportgroup.org
Comments:Congratulations and all the best to your organization in it's future endeavors.

Name:Conrad Carlton-Carew
Phone #:---
e-Mail Address:owcarltoncarewarch@gmail.com
Comments:A worthwhile venture

Name:Njeri Carlton-Carew
Phone #:---
e-Mail Address:---
Comments:Aunty Sekqueen :) Thank you for embarking on such an important cause.

Name:Crimilda Williams
Phone #:201 823 0611
e-Mail Address:crimso574@aol.com
Comments:Hi Sek and the rest of the gang, This is the beginning of your wonderful journey, hey, I am around to help. .. job well done. Sonny you are always in our prayers. Nice words of advice from you to others. Keep up the good work. Peace and love to you all Always, Crim Tala!

Name:Dr. Michel Sho-Sawyer
Phone #:232-33-356-418
e-Mail Address:michel_sawyer@yahoo.com
Comments:It is definitely a privileged and honor to seve such organization and Sierra Leone

Name:Gloria M Jacobs
Phone #:301 260 9624
e-Mail Address:GloriaT610@aol.com
Comments:There was a lot of good information about sicklecell that some of us did not realise,you guys did a good job.

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