NameAndrew Conway
DateOctober 5, 2007
CommentsWay to go! Your story is an example of challenging the status quo through personal Integrity. The world need more of this! "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

NameStephen Johnson
DateOctober 5, 2007
CommentsWell done! Very balanced, sound logical, full of concern without condemnation...a visual testimony of what you are doing... without demanding others do the same. You buy lots of credibility and send a powerful thought provoking message to others to consider what they are doing, without ever actually saying that. Well done! You are an ecnouragement to me, as only recently have I had my eyes open to the great evangelical question - how best to share my faith with my neighbour, how do I 'word' living the evangelcial church obeying the Lord in what kind of fast he wants Is58 - being involved in justice, the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the widow the fatherless...oh we are indeed in full agreement with these things...if they happen to arrive on our door step. As for me and my house, I can no longer love from a distance...I must go - meet love learn serve, help and become, finally, what He wants of us all along. cheers!

NameLaurie Rolnick
DateNovember 9, 2007
CommentsThought you might like this link that has soccer balls made in the USA-- Thanks Laurie

NameJoe & Judy Menzel
DateNovember 29, 2007
CommentsLoved your site! Found it while looking for a NMiC power drill (wish me luck!) We decided to stop buying MiC about three months ago and it's been an eye-opening challenge ever since! Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, it can be done, but with a lot of commitment. Keep up the good work!

DateNovember 30, 2007
CommentsGreat site!! I have recently been trying to make the transition to buy things that are not MIC, but find that it's very difficult. We're having a baby any day now and everything seems to be MIC. I have been willing to put forth extra money to avoid the MIC, but sometimes I can't find anything that's NMIC.

NameKristina Lynn
DateDecember 12, 2007
CommentsKeep up the good works! Thanks for including the research and information. I've just recently started my NMiC quest, and I already make a point to buy mainly from independent stores, and let them know that we look for NMiC.

Namethe Solomon-Klebba family
DateDecember 20, 2007
CommentsThank you! We are a NMIC family as well. We have been very pleased to find that there are ways around Chinese goods. Our Portugese coffee pot is amazing and every toy this year is American or European (Corolle dolls are beautiful.) Sometimes it is a challenge, but it is worth it to us. And I am happy to see thousands joining what each of our families is seeking to do - make the world a better place one family at a time. Thanks again.

NameLong Hoang
DateDecember 21, 2007
CommentsThank you for setting up this page. I am a Vietnamese American who has been boycotting Made in China goods for years. As you wrote, China has history of aggression. Just a few weeks ago, China reasserted their claim on the whole southeast Asian sea (aka south china sea). I just hope the whole world boycott China.

DateDecember 29, 2007
CommentsRecently i was grocery shopping at a large store here in Canada. Upon returning home i discovered that even the garlic that I had purchased in a store in one of the most furtile parts of the world, was a product of china!!! I have just started into this NMIC plan and am trying to find made in Canada, Made in USA or even European and whenever possible Union made as well.

NameAda Lai
DateJanuary 9, 2008
CommentsI and my family have also just decided to buy NMiC goods for 2008. It's already been tough! Try finding an umbrella, or a showerhead, or a pair of shoes, or a coat that's NMiC! it's tough, but we are becoming more aware...and so have all of our friends. Everyone we know is starting to look at labels now! :-) We are seeing that this is even more serious than we thought. BTW, at least indicates when something is of european import. :-)

DateJanuary 12, 2008
CommentsThank you! We should spread the words.

NameTerrence Payne
DateJanuary 19, 2008
CommentsI have recently decided to also boycott Made in China. Its called diversification. Why are we as Americans going so far out of our way to make China the next superpower? I guess we only hate communists when they don;t let us in on the slave labor.

NameDave Hyman
DateJanuary 20, 2008
CommentsHi! I just made the decision to go NMiC at the turn of the year. My reasons are not quite the same as yours. My main motivator is the grief I still feel about poisonous Chinese cat food killing my sweet cat, Jersey, last March . Add the lead paint in toys, the dangerous tires, and the numerous other bad Chinese exports...and the apparent lack of concern among govenment and business chiefs, and I figured, the hell with it, someone has got to say NO, and let it begin with me even if nobody else gives a damn. I'm relieved to see that a few others, such as yourselves, actually do give a damn, even if for slightly different reasons. This is the first weekend during which I've really shopped hard for NMiC goods. Wow, is this hard! Try finding ski gloves, apres ski snow boots or a digital alarm clock made anywhere else! I ended up stitching up my old ski gloves, just now, and will probably go without the cushy boots...and for an alarm clock, I'm gonna have to get creative; maybe buy a rooster. Anyway, thanks for being there when I searched for others of a similar mind, and let me send you my moral support.

Namemag maung
DateJanuary 26, 2008
CommentsThank you so much for give me a chance to leave a note. As my view China is International treat. They already invaded neighbour countries such as Tibet and so much controlled to Burma. Creating chaos to Nepal and biggest arm supporter of Burma and Dafur. Soon they will control the world economy. Why we need to spend every dollars to support their economy?? Please make sure do not spend any penny for MIC.Save the world.

DateFebruary 14, 2008
CommentsThank you!

Namea fellow label checker
DateMarch 4, 2008
CommentsThank you for your website. My family has been doing our best to live without MiC for many many years. It was an encouragement to find someone else doing the same thing.

NameErika Victoria Zemmol
DateApril 5, 2008
CommentsI applaud you and have decided to join you in your efforts to oppose the Communist government in China in any way possible, including not buying MIC. The main reason I oppose the Chinese government is due to the brutal enforcement of its One-Child Policy. Since the 1980s, this government has caused millions of precious babies to be killed, and millions of women to be sterilized and aborted on against their will, sometimes as far along as nine months (Time magazine, 2005). In terms of the upcoming US election, I have been wondering who would be better at standing up for human rights in China. I will NOT vote for Hillary because she plans to fund the UNFP, which has been directly involved in funding China's so-called "family planning" criminals (see the website of the Population Research Institute, investigation into UNFPA, 2001). I think Obama would fund the UNFP too, even though he and Hillary both "officially" oppose forced abortions. While I don't like everything about McCain, at least he is not going to fund forced abortions and sterilizations in China. I know there are other issues for us in the US, but what's going on in China is truly worthy of being called Nazism. As someone of Jewish heritage, I oppose population control by the state as it killed my ancestors. Furthermore, population control is not the way to eliminate poverty (although the corrupt UNFP seems to think that people are the problem and that if they couch themselves in human rights language, they are perfectly justified in taking away women's reproductive rights). I wonder, why is it that Democrats never talk about the One-Child policy as a problem, and Republicans don't talk about it enough? It's true, China's involvement in the crisis in Darfur is terrible, but what about all the people IN China who don't even have the freedom to have children? What about women's reproductive rights? Again I applaud your efforts, and I hope you will join me in boycotting the Communist Olympics, which are really no different to me than the Nazi Olympics of 1936. G-d bless you for not selling out to these anti-woman, babykilling monsters.

DateApril 8, 2008
CommentsI applaud your goals and reasons for them. This is wonderful & I hope to do the same. You are teaching your children a valuable lesson and exercising one of the few powers we have in the a consumer. Blessings to you all!

NameUsman Kalash
DateApril 12, 2008
CommentsI sincerely hope that none of the computers you're using to post these messages are made in China. I stand corrected if anyone's aren't.

DateApril 17, 2008
CommentsThank you SOOO much! I'm embarrassed to say, I just realized that I don't want to support China any longer, and am determined to make it without buying MiC! It was great to see that you are doing it, and I'm right there with you, now!

NameKevin Wilson
DateApril 25, 2008
CommentsI applaud what your family is doing. I'm not sure if I have the strength to do something like this but I will consider it. God bless you.

NameMatt Coker
DateApril 25, 2008
CommentsThanks for the great site... it's definitely encouraging to see others successfully living NMIC. Our family has been NMIC for around a year now... what a challenge! Our 4 year old daughter is completely on board, and knows that when she likes something she sees that it has to pass the "made in china" test... surely she doesn't understand the reasoning, but she never complains now because she was young enough when we started. Brainwashed, I suppose, and that works for us! We've periodically had our convictions challenged, most recently when both my wife's and my laptops went kaput... we had to pay about $500 more (each), buying more features than we needed, just to avoid MIC computers. As you noted, we couldn't figure out how to avoid the MIC power supply issue, so we were stuck with those. We've been a little more aggressive with family when it comes to MIC gifts, and with some wailing and gnashing of teeth, they're generally on board. They've been getting good at giving gift cards, which they think are impersonal and just hate to do, but we love 'em and can usually find something decent NMIC to buy. On my wife's side, there seems to be the occasional "oops, I totally forgot" and on my side the occasional stuffed animal with the tag mysteriously cut off, but for the most part they're trying. We try to balance their rights to "grandparent" our daughter with our rights to bring the products want into our home, so it's a delicate balancing act. Mistakes... made a HUGE one on a cell phone a few months ago, just totally slipped my mind. Bought it from the carrier's website, and not coincidentally, received two duds which we sent back under RMA before the third one finally worked. Then, I left it outside in the rain and got exactly what I deserved for the oversight! Right now we're trying to find a good bath scale NMIC... 19 models on display at Bed Bath and Beyond, all MIC. Only one we can find online that does what we want it to do costs $300 and not the $60 the MIC models do, so suffice it to say we're just doing without for now! We have sort of a multi-year plan with this thing... finish 2008 as NMIC, begin phasing out other countries in 2009 such as Vietnam and other countries which are either communist or hostile to our nation, then a year later to stick to North American only, and finally to only made-in-USA. We recognize that this will mean changing how we live because so many items just simply aren't available MIA, so part of the delay is training ourselves to handle the inevitible changes in our lifestyle. It's definitely a process. Thanks again for the great blog, and good luck!

Namesusan wardzinski
DateMay 7, 2008
Commentsgreat site i agree

NameJane Schryer
DateMay 24, 2008
CommentsHey There! Like the site.

DateMay 27, 2008
CommentsI have forwarded your link to a few people. i do find it hard to accept that you are wise enough to support locally made products but still shop at big box stores such as Wal-Mart that snuffs out Mom & Pop shops. Not here to judge though, just surprised! Thanks again for the site.

NameRobin Hamm
DateMay 28, 2008
CommentsFantastic site. Ive spent sooooo much money on Made In China tools. Its hard justifying prices for Japan/USA/Canada made tools until you use them vs China crap.

DateJune 8, 2008
CommentsMy fiance and myself decided about 3 months ago to begin only buying items that are not made in China and we began to find it very difficult to do because of the lack of general items available in most of the basic stores. I started thinking I must be the only crazy person making such a decision about my spending habits. I was just so disgusted with all of the acts invovled in China (that you so elequently described on your site) and just couldn't support that economically anymore. When I finally went online and found so many sites, including your own, that described exactly why I had made this decision it was very strengthening and I appreciate that you've put your experiences online for all to read. Well done and thank you!

DateJuly 7, 2008
CommentsHi; My family has stopped drinking cola and most other unnatural beverages for medical reasons. Apple juice is the beverage of choice most of the time, hard to find not made in China. That is what the major juice drinker has as a request so we do it. I just cleaned out all the supermarkets locally of our #2 favorite brand because all of the #1 favorite was gone. I hope it starts to get easier but I doubt it. Thank you for howing what is possible. It halped me keep on looking.

NameLiana Mastrocola
DateAugust 4, 2008
CommentsHello! I'm from Brazil, and I'm very into all of this social/ecological information that internet can provides us! Just found out about this amazing web site, so now, I'll start to divulge it around here! Bye bye

DateAugust 11, 2008
CommentsI found your site very encouraging. Please do not stop. We need more vocal people like you to bring attention to how much money is sent to China. I try very hard to buy things made in the US and your message is giving me hope that others will follow. Good luck!

NameAmy Jones
DateOctober 23, 2008
CommentsGreat Site! Thanks!

DateDecember 8, 2008
CommentsMy wife and I are living NMIC in 2009, and we're going to blog about it in the hope that we can share and spread our message with our family and friends. Your site is very inspiring, and has tons of great information. Do you mind if we link it to our blog? You can e-mail me back at

DateDecember 11, 2008
CommentsHi, You all rock!

DateJanuary 5, 2009
CommentsHi, Just wanted to say thanks. My family has been boycotting MIC since the Benzene incident in the Songhua River. This was the straw for us. In addition to the reasons you listed, we choose not to support the worlds largest communist army. For us, doing without has been easier, since we do not have any children. We have found many alternitives to MIC.... My favorite was personal headphones made in the USA buy the Westone company.... Over the past three years we have noticed that store clerks no longer look at us strangley when we ask for the country of origin. Each of us who choose a NMiC lifestyle have our own reasons....but looking at the impact of the economic slowdown on Chinese Manufacturing, it is clear that if enough people choose to do this, it can have an impact.

DateJanuary 11, 2009
Commentshi all. You know what's interesting about Washington? It's the kind of place where second-guessing has become second nature. I am from China and , too, and now am writing in English, tell me whether I wrote the following sentence: "I am frequently asked about how to make money on the web, especially how to make money with your blog." Waiting for a reply :P, Hali.

NameRachelle Chloe
DateFebruary 26, 2009
CommentsI have tears in my eyes... I can remember this past summer looking for an outfit from my local urban clothier. My test was to find an outfit or peice of clothing that was not MIC. It was almost impossible. I did find a couple of peices by House of Derreon that were made in the USA but not to my liking. Needless to say, since that day I have been a lot more aware of the origin of the items I purchase. I too, have gone without many things I thought I "needed" just to avoid purchasing an item MIC. I have yet to bring any one on board. I am trying to make sure it is a commitment I am willing to make fulltime. I do however bring these issues up at home and work. Just to bring it to others attentions. This website encourages me and elightens me to the moral/ethical issues that are beyond the surface. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I pray much more of us become enlighted and find a way to live more sustainbly,ethically and lead God-pleasing lives.

NameEllen B.
DateApril 19, 2009
CommentsHi - how nice to find other like-minded individuals who will actually stick to their principles. About 10 or 15 years ago I read an article in National Geographic, i think. It was written by someone who "sneaked" a camera into China and took illegal pictures (putting themselves in danger) or Chinese prisoners and such who were forced to strip naked and work in big vats of leather tanning material, tanning leather for Chinese leather goods. The story appalled me so much that to this day I have never knowingly bought one leather product made in China. I have given up more beautiful shoes, purses, wallets, coats, etc. than I can remember. It is almost impossible for me to find nice shoes NMIC. I am the ONLY one I know who will not purchase Chinese leather goods and I have told everyone I know why I won't. I hate the fact that we, as Americans have been forced to shop in stores full of Chinese goods. While traveling in Europe I noted that so many of their products were locally made or NMIC, so I realized that America is messed up on the marketing of Chinese goods.

NameEllen B.
DateApril 19, 2009
CommentsHi - how nice to find other like-minded individuals who will actually stick to their principles. About 10 or 15 years ago I read an article in National Geographic, i think. It was written by someone who "sneaked" a camera into China and took illegal pictures (putting themselves in danger) of Chinese prisoners and such who were forced to strip naked and work in big vats of leather tanning material, tanning leather for Chinese leather goods. The story appalled me so much that to this day I have never knowingly bought one leather product made in China. I have given up more beautiful shoes, purses, wallets, coats, etc. than I can remember. It is almost impossible for me to find nice shoes NMIC. I am the ONLY one I know who will not purchase Chinese leather goods and I have told everyone I know why I won't. I hate the fact that we, as Americans have been forced to shop in stores full of Chinese goods. While traveling in Europe I noted that so many of their products were locally made or NMIC, so I realized that America is messed up on the marketing of Chinese goods.

DateJuly 15, 2009
Commentsgreat your web...........

NameAnna and Sabrina
DateJuly 19, 2009
CommentsIt is really hard to love the things that are made in China. It made 11-year old Sabrina cry over it. She hates that "they don't treat people nicely" and yet she loves her Hannah Montana notebook. What can she do?

NameAnna and Sabrina
DateJuly 19, 2009
CommentsIt is really hard to love the things that are made in China. It made 11-year old Sabrina cry over it. She hates that "they don't treat people nicely" and yet she loves her Hannah Montana notebook. What can she do?

DateOctober 25, 2009
CommentsCool site! I came across this trying to find a programmable coffee maker nMiC but no luck yet. Maybe a Braun, but no place in Okla City has one that I can check out. I think Bunn is made in USA, but I'd actually have to wake up to turn it on :)

NamePamela Lafferty
DateFebruary 6, 2010
CommentsMy family always tries not to buy made in China. We will pay extra to have something not made there. I would prefer paying someone from my own country for there work than China.

NameCarol V.
DateFebruary 11, 2010
CommentsOur family is trying to do this based on our sense that China is trying to harness the productivity and genius of a free nation without being one themselves. They know that their productivity and innovation stinks because of their totalitarian regime, so they are trying to harvest us. Also, as you stated, we do not want to support a country with such a deplorable record on human rights.

NameSusan S
DateFebruary 13, 2010
CommentsIt's nice to find that others are also trying not to buy MIC; sometimes I think I'm all alone! I have bought shoes, very good quality ones, made in the U.S. and Canada through the Maryland Square catalogue. I bought dog beds from Orvis after carefully asking them where they were made (was told Ireland and Canada). Tags on dog beds said MIC, so Orvis had to pay for their return. Then I found Panache in the U.S. and they make superb dog beds! What irks me most right now is you can't buy clocks made in the U.S. Howard Miller and other brands are all MIC. I got a Pfaltzgraff catalogue; their products used to be made in Ohio, now MIC. After I checked with customer service, I told them I buy nothing that is nonessential that is MIC so no business from me. I think it's important that companies hear from us, and I think it's significant that catalogues I receive carefully emphasize when a product is made in U.S.A. That should remind me that I am not alone!

DateApril 17, 2010
CommentsGood job on your web page. I own my own business in the AV industry. It's a real challenge trying to find anything that is not MiC. There are a few American and European brands that are still made in America or Europe, perhaps less than 10% in my industry. I started becoming aware of the proliferation of MiC products a few years ago. More recently I have noticed a troubling trend , a steep drop in the quality of certain products such as connectors and cabling accessories that are MiC. It is very difficult to near impossible to find products in this category that are not MiC. We have been burned three times over the past year with bad products from China at our expense. I am concerned this is going to become a trend more and more. They take our money and don't back up their products even though they are supposedly guaranteed. It easy for them, we are separated by a huge distance making it impossible for us to take any real action. It is time for some action on our part indeed. With unemployment being as high as it is and with little real signs of a long term solution to this problem it is time for reeling in. We need to re-invent manufacturing at home on our own North American soil and make it work. Every dollar we spend on a MiC item means someone here in North America goes without a job. There should be a balance in trade, there is none, it's been all in one direction for far too long.

NameBlake Johnston
DateAugust 21, 2010
CommentsProducts from China are JUNK. The US Goverment has no idea they are taking over our manufacturing business with JUNK

DateSeptember 10, 2010
CommentsHey guys! I was reading your webpage and I'm so excited more people are going the "not made in china" route. My family has been doing this since I was 3 years old (1993) and we are still going strong...18 years later...I am almost 21. While it may seem hard at times I am faithful that you can stick in there!!

DateSeptember 12, 2010
CommentsI am Canadian and I have been kicking around the idea for a few years now and have decided to get serious. I found your site by googling. Very interesting....I thought I was alone. I was shopping in the States yesterday and tried to buy a flour sifter at Williams and Senoma. They were all made in China. I didn't buy one but I did find one when I got home on the Bromwell's site. I will made it my challenge to stop buying from China. I think we have to start making our own stuff again (Canada/USA). What I think is that we've eliminated good manufacturing jobs forcing lesser educated people to go into retail at place like Wallmart for minimum wages and then the only items they can afford to purchase are cheap Chinese items. It's a neverending cycle which we started in motion when we first started to import all this junk from China. Sad situation but if more people take this stand we might be able to reverse this trend. Thanks for reading.....Catherine

NameBrian James
DateSeptember 15, 2010
CommentsI'm the Manager for an American Manufacturer of R/C helicopters. We compete with chinese made products, and realize that MiC is killing American Jobs. Thank you for your inspriation.

NameMaple not Mapel!
DateSeptember 26, 2010
CommentsTravelled twice from BC to Alberta to get fitted and purchase boots from the Alberta Boot Company. All leather, Goodyear welt. I refuse products MIC, give priority to Cdn, then USA, Euro, or S.American. My heart and feet feel we are travelling the right path!

DateOctober 13, 2010
CommentsHi, My family of 7 avoids purchasing products made in China. We strongly object to products made by people who are being persecuted for their spiritual beliefs - - Falun Gong practitioners. Thank you!

DateOctober 19, 2010
CommentsThank you for this website. I'm trying to not buy stuff made in China and it is so hard. It seems that everything is made in China. I've been taking a look at where some of my older towels and blankets were made and they were made in the USA. That makes me feel good. They are from the 90s and they are still in good condition. I also don't want to buy made in China because of the horrible atrocities to humans and animals. I'm sure the faux fur that is made in China probably contains real dog and cat fur. I think you all should do a documentary about what you are doing.

DateOctober 20, 2010
CommentsI would like to add to my previous post. What really makes me angry is those energy saving lightbulbs. I think they're all made in china and I have had some that don't last long. I thought they were supposed to last up to 10 years. An GE just closed their incandescent bulb factory to ship those jobs to China. My incandescent bulbs which were made in usa are still working. I was also looking at a throw I have made by Ralph Lauren and it was made in USA and it still looks new. Now when you look at his stuff it's made in china and it's a piece of crap. Thank you again for sharing your story and you are a great inspiration.

NameJassi Singh
DateNovember 1, 2010
CommentsThank you for this wonderful website....I hope our leaders wake up to the basic economic principles before it is too late....

DateNovember 2, 2010
CommentsI have always been bothered by the things I have read about China...forced abortion, child slavery just deplorable lack of human rights. Today I read about horrific way animals are tortured and killed for their fur. Peta has done an undercover investigation if anyone is interested in leaning about it. For me this is just the lastf straw. I do not want another penny of my money going to that country. No more MiC!

NameBillie Jo Egan
DateNovember 4, 2010
CommentsI am having the same issue with kids bikes. I can't even find a used one that we can fix up. My husband and I found two Chicago Schwinns and refurbished them. Any info on where to find old USA/NMiC kids bikes would be awesome. I would also like to add that occasionally my family does buy MiC, but only from Goodwill/Salvation Army/local not for profit thrift stores. At least then its not dollars spent in vain. We really started looking at the grocery store two years ago, when we realized our salmon was caught and processed in China. I just don't think its worth the risk to my family or pets to feed them anything MiC. One last thought: What happened to the Wal-Mart of 20 years ago that wanted and touted items made in USA? Thanks.

NamePete Curren
DateNovember 20, 2010
CommentsHi, I found your site while doing a google search on this subject. It was just something that I have now become more interested in since the birth of my daughter 6 months ago. a very interesting read, and saddens me to think that so many people would sacrifice so much for the cheapest product. I am looking at the label all the time now when buying toys and clothes for the baby. Your story makes me happy and strengthens my resolve to do more. thanks Pete

DateDecember 31, 2010
CommentsJust wanted to tell you that you should not necessarily avoid products labeled "Made in ROC", as this means "Republic of China", aka Taiwan.

DateJanuary 4, 2011
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DateJanuary 6, 2011
CommentsWow! I thought I was the only one who felt like this! I will have to say that Christmas is a nightmare trying to not buy MiC. My kids wanted new bikes. I searched and searched and had no luck. I ended up buying MiC. I just dont understand why more people feel this way. Thanks for the website.

NameNot Made in China Pottery
DateJanuary 9, 2011
CommentsNot Made in China is my approach to bringing high quality, local, and handmade items to the consumer. Today, in an ever growing internationalizing economy, we are rarely given a competitive choice for some of the most functional and aesthetic parts of our lives. The market for high quality handmade items has generally been moved to the art market, and reserved for those willing to pay “Top Dollar,” leaving the working class to purchase the corporate structures one world approach to everyday aesthetics: mass production. We here at Not Made In China Pottery Studios and Gallery are everyday people showing our pride to be life artists. As such, we would like to beautify your life at prices which won’t affect your enjoyment. Help us to re-create a world where cultural aesthetics and a love for beauty flourishes in every aspect of all of our lives.

DateJanuary 19, 2011
CommentsCongrats, smart people like you should be running the country. Good to see someone else who gets the big picture.

NameDena Lenard
DateFebruary 4, 2011
CommentsI too have been trying to live a China-free life. It's actually easier than I thought it would be. I admit that I too have to make concessions from time to time. I have not preached, but some of my friends have started to be more thoughtful about their purchases knowing that I no longer support Chinese made goods.

NameMegan Arnold
DateFebruary 16, 2011
CommentsHi, Welcome to my world! :) My new year's resolution for 2010 was to try to not buy anything made in China. I am an Australian living in the UK. It was a fascinating year, of digging for alternative countries to spend my consumer dollar on. It was not always possible, but there are for many items often many, many alternatives. Clothing being a huge one. It is easy to buy clothing made in the EU to EU standards and environmental and labour laws. I visited Australia and the US in 2010 and was depressed to see how little home grown items there were to buy. Try finding a work handbag not made in China in either country! India was the only alternative I could find! I'm continuing this resolution into 2011 and attempting to renovate a wreck of a house! Great to see that there are other people with similar concerns out there, putting their money where their mouth is!

DateFebruary 26, 2011
CommentsGreat Job! We agree with you and what you are doing 100%. We went on a NMiC lifestyle after a tour at Osan AB Korea in 2006 and found a large majority of MiC products at AAFES being sold to apathetic troops, contractors and LN family members. This almost surely happens at all the other bases since AAFES has a monopoly. You can do better with the exceptions to NMiC. It all depends on how dedicated you are. The more dedicated the longer you will search for NMiC. I realize there are specialty items that are absolutely ONLY MiC, but for 99% of the rest, it's a matter of dedication to searching and probably paying a higher price.
DateMarch 4, 2011
CommentsI would like to say Hello to all people who spent at least few seconds to think, before they buy something, what are the consequences of buying Chinese products. It is really very hard to leave without products made in china, but it is worth to live that way. I am from Poland and I have also the site which treats this problem. You are welcome to see it

DateMarch 14, 2011
CommentsThere's some stuff on that show Made in USA only. Most high-tech has been outsourced to China. But the best way for tech is to pay the least amount of $$ possible to China.

NameConcerned Mom
DateApril 5, 2011
CommentsI recently found your website after realizing that I could not find a single apple juice product for my children that did not source at least some of it's apple juice concentrate from China including Mott's, Juicy Juice, Capri Sun, and Minute Maid. I am now reading all labels and making an effort to buy NMIC. Thank you for this website!

DateApril 6, 2011
CommentsThank you for your site! I think that this is an issue that everyone could get on board with for one reason or another if they thought about it. I always try to buy nmic but got more serous when I saw the documentary China Blue. My heart goes out to those women in the jean factory. I have young children and understand how hard it is to find things for them nmic, especially clothes! I have found some great toys on the web. My daughter got some wooden toys from North Star Toys last year (made in USA) and she loves them. Apple juice is also getting hard to find, but Apple and Eve says they do use American apples when in season and lable the country of origin otherwise. Now if I could only find a thermos nmic!

Namesimon family
DateApril 15, 2011
CommentsOur family spent 13 years not buying made in China. I marveled at how we were still able to get the most favorite toys: lego, thomas trains, many barbies and hot wheels, craft items. The lego's and trains weren't sent to China till our kids outgrew them. Then 2 years ago, the husband finally cracked under the pressure and work and even embarrassment of this lifestyle. But mostly they all decided they wanted to get what they want! He went out and bought all the things we could never have: computer, high speed internet, cell phones, nintendo and sony handheld games, guitar star game for xbox, ipods, TI-85 caclulators, and our daughter got a really nice purse and camera. I still won't go along with it. I am using a very old laptop made in taiwan, a samsung T619 cell phone with all accessories not made in China, pans and towels and the home phone all from goodwill, and I guess i'll never have a really nice purse or shoes. I hope everyone is satisfied, we don't need to look at houses any more, since we no longer have a down payment. But you know, I think they'd all get back on board if only these items were available not made in China. Has anyone tried Langer's apple juice? usa

NameHate Made in China
DateApril 21, 2011
CommentsBought items from QVC... customer service said "everything is made in China" I guess referring to QVC items. In any event, the product was defective and poor quality. This isn't an exception. Made in Japan at least assured good quality and Made in USA is the way I'm going. Thanks for your web site.

DateMay 29, 2011
CommentsI lived and worked in China for 5 years and I am now so anti-Chinese, I refuse to even walk into a Walmart. WE MUST get off our dependency of Made In China products!

NameRob Norris
DateMay 29, 2011
Commentshi, Its been great to find your website and to find that i'm not the only one with the exact same thoughts!! I live in the UK and i've been trying hard to not buy chinese products for a few years, much to everyone around me's surprise! But i've tried also to explain the moral and economic reasons i have behind it. I buy my clothes from a reasonably expensive designer shop nearby and i had a disagreement with the shop owner, i was about to buy a £135 shirt from an italian designer brand, only to find to my horror that it was made in the far east. I told him to hang it back up and he questioned why, i told him why and his retort was "if it was made in italy it would cost a lot more" this infuriated me because i can't see that the difference in actual cost of labour could be much more than £5-£10 and being already £135 i'm sure the manufacturer could and should swallow that cost. My point being its just pure greed that puts a few pounds profit in front of any responsibility to brand or their customers. This is why people like us have to educate the people around us to vote with our feet, its the only way manafacture will come back to our repective country's. kind regards Rob Norris

Namepete from Scotland
DateJune 21, 2011
CommentsGreat website guys and great content, caused me a sleepless night or two. Another observation on China's export growth, on a recent trip to Canada... railroad traffic queue took freight train 4 minutes to pass thru...say at 30 train was 2 miles long...double stacked containers ...all with China Seaways logo.

NameJeff Wright
DateJune 29, 2011
Comments Thank you !

NameJamie Buelt
DateJuly 6, 2011
CommentsIt is difficult to avoid "made in China" goods, so I applaud your efforts and leadership. One way is to NOT shop at Wal-Mart. I am starting my own site on this and respectfully request your mission to link to yours.

NameJamie Buelt
DateJuly 6, 2011
CommentsIt is difficult to avoid "made in China" goods, so I applaud your efforts and leadership. One way is to NOT shop at Wal-Mart. I am starting my own site on this and respectfully request your permission to link to yours.

NameAllen Wright
DateJuly 10, 2011
CommentsThanks or your website - it is an inspiration, and you are not alone!

DateJuly 18, 2011
CommentsI accidentally deleted all the encuraging entries, going back to 2007! Please leave a note - I will try to recover the deleted entries, but thanks to all the people who left encouraging notes over the past 4 years.

NameRobbie Dickson
DateJuly 31, 2011
CommentsI read through your site. I am very impressed with your efforts & resolve. Good luck keeping it going, and maybe we'll start making stuff in the Western hemisphere again. I'd like my family to try it too. I am just sick of all the useless crap that we buy, my son breaks in twenty minutes, and then gets buried in the landfill within a month of purchase. It is a waste of money and resources. I'd rather my son play with rocks & sticks. P.s. I have a friend who makes kids bikes here in Breckenridge CO

NameNot Made in China Pottery Studio
DateAugust 4, 2011
CommentsKeep up the great work!!!

NameJan Ols
DateAugust 7, 2011
CommentsHi thanks for your site, we have been also following a NMIC policy )particularly with clothing) and try to shop at small locally owned stores. Thanks again!

DateAugust 21, 2011
CommentsGood on you guys, we have been not buying made in China stuff for years now. After living in the states for a year I can tell you it is actually easier in the USA than it is in Australia. Our latest purchase was a Sunbeem mixmaster, ALL of the chioces were MIC. In the first week i decided to make a loaf of bread. Even with the dough hooks and it's 850w motor it couldn't do it. It overheated and switched off. I returned it cause for me it isn't OK to be sold a mixer that won't mix. It took 20mins with the manager to get our money back, he wanted us to wait 6wks for a repair on a mixer that was 5 days old??!! Companies need to know that people do notice and that when we buy an item we actually want it to work.

NameTerrie Henderson
DateSeptember 1, 2011
CommentsI have another reason why not to buy things from china you need to add it to the list. They are horrifically abusive to animals. They killed cats and dogs by kicking them to death and yes they even skin them alive. Kittens and puppies are not exempt. they are the more horrific nation of people toward animals I have ever seen. Makes me sick to me stomach. Peta is trying to stop this by telling people not to buy fur they are selling cat and dog fur and labeling it as rabbit and selling it to the US and Europe. I wish I could find a way to never buy anything from them again. Heartless they are.

DateSeptember 12, 2011
CommentsYou are awesome! One thing we do when we can't find something NMIC (like kids' bikes) is buy used. At least then you are not giving your money to China. Thanks for the site!!

DateSeptember 21, 2011
CommentsCongratulations for your lifestyle choices and for maintaining your website. I came across your link while attempting to register a NMiC domain for myself. I too have been (trying) to live a 99% MiC-free life. Its been a couple of years, but now have my wife and daughter somewhat engaged in this effort. Great to see that "we are not alone" after all. People look at us funny (for shopping mostly comes down to an economic choice here in Brazil) when we pay 3-4 times more for a similar product that is made here or anywhere else in the world that practice fair labour, health and safety laws (not to mention environment). Its not easy but do believe it has been worth our time and consumer money. Best regards to you and your family. Will let you know when I have my website up and running. Obrigado!

DateSeptember 26, 2011
CommentsOh, I have been soooo on this wagon! Grrr all the things which are in my home and come from China.Ii'm typing on a MiC computer just to express my frustration and realization that shh, really, that country could take over. No more outsourcing. So, so hard to find needs which are NOT MiC. Thanks for your site! hope more see it and understand the issue. Chris

NameAndrew Saucci
DateSeptember 30, 2011
CommentsI am all for this cause. The USA is stupid to allow nearly all its computer power supplies (for example, but think of many other categories of items) to be manufactured in any one country, much less China. If anyone knows of a power supply made in even Taiwan, please let me know. (I'm easy to find without putting my address here for spammers.)

DateOctober 19, 2011
CommentsThanks for sharing your story! We are looking for MIC labeling lately, for many of the same reasons as you, but mostly for safety concerns with food and other products. I appreciate your insight!

Nameusa bicycles
DateOctober 23, 2011

Nameusa bicycles
DateOctober 23, 2011
CommentsIntense Cycles Inc

NameTheresa Levasseur
DateOctober 28, 2011
CommentsThank you so much for your comprehensive site! I have started to avoid Made in China but when spreading the word, didn't have the concrete reasons to share. This is a great summary and I will pass it on! God Bless you! In solidarity, Theresa

NameHenri L. Litynski
DateNovember 2, 2011
CommentsYour comments and background information are right on the money! Since the politicians won't listen to us, we really need a grass-roots movement to stop buying Chinese junk. Maybe it should start with bumper stickers or little signs posted everywhere. If you or someone you know were to smash some cheap Chinese toys on Youtube, it might go viral. That might start the ball rolling. You may email me at I'd love to hear from other "participants" about their successes. THANK YOU!!!

NameMidge Markey
DateNovember 4, 2011
CommentsHi, you have inspired me to do the same! I'm actively trying to find a bpa free NMiC coffee maker...any suggestions? I'll keep you posted on our progress as well and will likely be asking for advice along the way! And I have posted my intentions on Facebook! Thank you!!

Nameagnieszka balaban
DateNovember 8, 2011
Commentshi, I found you since I was thinking about creating the same page as you did. i live in New York and came to USA 11 years ago. lived in Poland and then in then in Germany, London in Spain. i am a big shopper and couple of years ago started to check the labels, contact manufacturers and stop buying labels that my parents were buying like 40 years ago. Major brands, fashion houses selling products that are incredibly expensive produce them in China. this became so radiculous that I have stopped buying them, inform the staff in shop why I am not buying anymore and send letters to the companies. I am talking about old European brands that have been working maybe hundred ears to get clientele and now are completely destryoing their allure by producing in China. In Europe there is still plenty of locally hand made products. i think it would be great idea to actutally divide this site into USA, Europe and then into states and countries and list companies that produce locally so people could contact and order from them? germany still has a lot of products manufactured in there and Germnas are really good about using home made products. also, there is a new movement in fashion "Slow Fashion" which connect young designers producing locally. I would not use teh word "boycott" as some poeple use for products from China but lots of "promote and support" your own country. let me know what you think?

DateNovember 8, 2011
CommentsHow does one buy electronic equipment not made in china? ie computers, it all seems to come from china

NameG Fisher
DateNovember 10, 2011
CommentsKeep up the good work! I also started a campaign to not buy Chinese stuff anymore. I cant say I have not bought chinese products, but I have worked hard to find substitutes and avoid anything not made at least by a neighbor of the US.

NameBob Chauvin
DateNovember 12, 2011
CommentsGreat effort! BTW, check Global Computers if you are interested in buying computers ASSEMBLED in the USA. Still imported parts, but it's a step in the right direction!

DateNovember 14, 2011
CommentsJust found your website and think it is great! I'm looking to see if anyone knows of toddler tricycle not made in China- came across Kettler (says made in Germany)? Thanks for all of the info you are providing!

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